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Sometimes trips open new horizons and in 2002 on a trip to Ibiza the kiosks that populate the island’s beaches inspired
Gaetanoin an idea to be developed and customized.

Thus was born the “Ristorante Chiringuito”, which thus combined the eternal love for food and wine with the charm of those characteristic structures.

He has set his kiosk between the majestic spadare and the fishermen’s boats of Cannitello (RC). .

Initially it was a sandwich shop and small restaurant, based on homemade seafood cuisine, entrusted to the skilled hands of his wife, Mrs. Irma.

Therefore, the support of the parents in the company of the sons Giovanni e Antonio e dello chef Antonio Battaglia have slowly brought the company on the innovative tracks of catering and banquets.

Wedding location

The current Chiringuito is a splendid combination of tradition and innovation, a project that, even encouraged by our customers, has grown over time by founding “Villa Chiringuito”, an exclusive and suggestive villa on the sea with the scenery of the Aeolian sunsets and the lights of the Sicily,

a splendid location for receptions, events, meetings, conferences, presentations, exhibitions, exhibitions and conferences, on the Cannitello seafront.

The open kitchen, the particularity of the location, the views, the very high service, our sushi area in a Mediterranean key and the highest quality products have made the Villa over the years synonymous with excellence..

We have chosen to bring this combination of tradition and innovation based on Mediterranean sceneries and flavors to the heart of Milan, creating the Milano Restaurant ‘ La.Bottarga’

Staff of Villa Chiringuito

Location per matrimoni

Gaetano Bevacqua

One who realizes what others
are still dreaming of

Antonio Battaglia

Executive Chef...
The man of a thousand creations, an artist by passion ... Chef by profession.
by passion ... Chef by profession.

Giovanni Bevacqua

General Manager...
has been managing the family restaurants for many years with his brother Antonio

Location per matrimoni

Antonio Bevacqua

Account Manager... he is the face and the welcome of "La Bottarga Ristorante Milano", he manages the family restaurants with his brother Giovanni.

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