Reception hall in Reggio Calabria: Villa Chiringuito

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Villa Chiringuito is the best reception room in Reggio Calabria.

With the reputation of Villa Chiringuito ever growing, it is the perfect location for your reception.

Here are some reasons why you should choose us.

You like quality food

If you are looking for refined, good and absolutely genuine dishes, Villa Chiringuito is the right place for you.

Our chefs carry out national menus with refined simplicity , paying particular attention to typical Calabrian cuisine.

Experience, creativity and tradition find their maximum expression by marrying a wide choice of fine wines of the area, thanks to our well-stocked and refined cellar.

A cuisine of the highest level, therefore careful to enhance the flavors, smells and magical atmospheres of our area.

The culinary wisdom that distinguishes us is guaranteed by decades of experience aimed at the continuous research of the products of our land and the rediscovery of traditional dishes which, with a touch of creativity, are presented in a modern key, giving joy to the eyes and the palate. .

villa chiringuito chef

You want something more than the usual banquet hall in Reggio Calabria

A fantastic setting for an unforgettable moment to live with your loved ones, an elegant and refined environment on the Cannitello seafront (RC) with the suggestive view of the Strait of Messina.

The over 3,000 square meters are ideally suited for the organization of your reception, but also for meetings, conferences, presentations, exhibitions, exhibitions, conferences and showrooms.

You expect top notch service

A successful restaurant earns its name and reputation not only for its exceptional food, but also for its exceptional service.

What people will remember of a wedding years later is not the sheets or the flowers, but the service and friendliness of the people.

And with us also the French table service will be taken care of in the smallest details, followed by Maítre and Sommelier: Mise en place of great elegance and refinement and highly qualified dining room staff.

reception hall in reggio calabria

You want flawless organization

There is always something that escapes when organizing a reception.

But our long experience allows us to take care of everything perfectly , from A to Z.

Also with regard to entertainment, special tablecloths, wedding cakes and special advice for your reception.

All those who need to carry out their events with refinement, elegance and quality, find in Villa Chiringuito the place that satisfies these requests for beauty, style and organization.

Are you looking for a banquet hall in Reggio Calabria in an unforgettable location

At Villa Chiringuito, nothing is left to chance, interiors and exteriors coexist in total harmony.

The extraordinariness of the location, in fact, is accompanied by the versatility of the large spaces and the great professional resources capable of satisfying any need to ensure a perfect success of every event.

The large and green garden and the panoramic beach, with choreographic buffets and comfortable lounges, welcome your guests, up to the suggestive setting for the cutting of the cake.

The dream of a perfect reception at Villa Chiringuito becomes an unforgettable reality.

reggio calabria villa chiringuito

Our strengths are practically infinite

These listed were just some of the strengths of villa Chiringuito, which make it the perfect banquet hall in Reggio Calabria for your every event.

The only way to make all this real is to visit us in Via Vittorio Emanuele II N. 179 in Villa San Giovanni (RC), on the Cannitello seafront.

Trust us for the most important events of your life.

Villa Chiringuito

What is the best banquet hall in Reggio Calabria?

The best reception room in Reggio Calabria is Villa Chiringuito, on the Cannitello seafront in Villa San Giovanni.

What are the strengths of Villa Chiringuito?

The strengths of villa Chiringuito are undoubtedly the food, thanks to the skilled chefs who know how to skillfully combine simplicity, refinement and tradition, the location, over 3,000 square meters between interiors and exteriors for a unique atmosphere and impeccable service, which will accompany you. from the organization to the day of the event, professionally taking care of every facet.

Who is the chef of Villa Chiringuito?

The chef of villa Chiringuito is Antonio Battaglia, with his top-level cuisine, capable of enhancing the flavors, smells and magical atmospheres of our area.

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