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Welcome to the Villa Chiringuito blog dedicated to all our customers and to all those who will come into contact with us by browsing.

“There are places where time stops, where everything is a dream and a dream
and the dream lives in the reality of a special day, a moment in which everything smiles and happiness pervades everything.
Villa Chiringuito is an emotion that you will remember all your life. “

Dear customers, with great pleasure, therefore, we announce the birth of our official portal!

Opening a dedicated portal of our business represents for us the beginning of a new path where we can make our skills available to everyone but above all it gives us the opportunity to reach those who do not yet know us and who could find a new reality in our location. to discover.

What is Villa Chiringuito?

Villa Chiringuito was born many years ago, to be precise in 2002, after a trip to Ibiza, when the kiosks that populate the island’s beaches inspired us to create our corner of paradise.

Thus was born the “Ristorante Chiringuito”, which thus combined the eternal love for food and wine with the charm of those characteristic structures.

He has set his kiosk between the majestic spadare and the fishermen’s boats of Cannitello (RC).

Initially it was a sandwich shop and small restaurant, based on homemade seafood cuisine.

Subsequently, the support of the parents in the company of the sons Giovanni and Antonio and of the chef Antonio Battaglia gradually brought the company on the innovative tracks of catering and banquets.

villa chiringuito

The current Chiringuito, on the other hand, is a splendid combination of tradition and innovation , a project that, also encouraged by our customers, has grown over time by founding “Villa Chiringuito”, an exclusive and suggestive villa on the sea with the scenery of the Aeolian sunsets and lights of Sicily.

A splendid location for receptions, events, meetings, congresses, presentations, exhibitions, exhibitions and conferences, on the Cannitello seafront.

The open kitchen, the particularity of the location, the views, the very high service, our sushi area in a Mediterranean key and the highest quality products have made the Villa over the years synonymous with excellence.

The services of Villa Chiringuito

All those who need to organize their events with elegance and refinement, find in Villa Chiringuito the place that satisfies these requests for beauty, style and organization.

The wedding party is an event that requires a lot of care and continuous attention down to the smallest details.

Competent and professional staff is available to the spouses to understand their expectations and thus fully satisfy their needs.

Here are some of the services designed for you:

  • Refreshment outside the church
  • Boat service for the bride and groom to enter the villa
  • Piano bar keyboard and voice
  • Sugared and caramelized
  • Cigar Room: cigar and spirits tasting lounge
  • Personalized Wedding Planner advice
  • Baby corner with entertainer
  • Hostess service
  • Open bar
  • Choice of special tablecloths to replace the classic
  • Espresso and bitters at the “Terrace on the sea”
  • Wedding cake service for customizing special and monumental cakes
  • Vintage car service
reggio calabria restaurant

Keep following our Blog

Our goal is to tell you everything we do in our beautiful location , so we decided to create the portal to keep you up to date on the uniqueness and grandeur of everything we have created and that we always continue to create.

Villa Chiringuito will be the perfect setting for your unforgettable event.

Scrolling through the pages of our site you will find all the useful information about our business and all the services we offer.

We, without exception, will know how to make your event memorable.

Again welcome to our brand new BLOG!


The Villa Chiringuito Team

Where is Villa Chiringuito located?

Villa Chiringuito is located in Via Vittorio Emanuele II, 179, 89018 on the Cannitello seafront, in Reggio Calabria.

What is Villa Chiringuito?

Villa Chiringuito is a splendid location suitable for any type of event, an exclusive and suggestive villa on the sea with the scenery of the Aeolian sunsets and the lights of Sicily. Here you can celebrate the most important events in your life, such as your wedding day.

Who is the owner of Villa Chiringuito?

The owner of this splendid restaurant is Gaetano Aricò, who came up with the idea of starting this project after a trip to Ibiza in 2002.

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