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Villa Chiringuito is the ideal solution for your wedding in Reggio Calabria.

With us you will have the utmost support and the utmost professionalism in planning every little detail of your wedding day.

So, if you are a bride or a groom who has many needs and really wants to make the most beautiful day of your life unforgettable, there is no better service or location than Villa Chiringuito.

But why should you choose us for your wedding?

The elite factors are basically 2.

Let’s find out in this article.

The quality of the food

The quality of our dishes is always guaranteed and it is also our best business card.

Restaurants in particular are highly dependent on the quality of their dishes and people’s ratings are directly related to the quality of the food they serve.

If you love a restaurant for its signature food, you know your guests can enjoy the same on your wedding day.

And we can absolutely tell you that we are the first to firmly believe in the very high quality of our culinary offer.

So, you don’t have to worry too much about food, with Villa Chiringuito you are on the safe side.

wedding in reggio calabria

Our cuisine is synonymous with guarantee, from the buffet to the desserts, nothing is left to chance.

More specifically, the main attraction of a restaurant wedding is the food that will be served and your guests expect a great dining experience.

This is an even more important aspect of the location (but Villa Chiringuito is at the top on this too).

So, don’t skimp on this factor.

Making sure you choose a restaurant that offers great food is key.

If it is a restaurant with dishes that are appreciated and recognized all over the world, like ours, you have nothing to worry about.

Our offer, among other things, is so wide and refined that it cannot fail to please.

All expertly managed and created by our Chef Antonio Battaglia and his staff.

A magnificent location for your wedding in Reggio Calabria

What must always marry perfectly with an excellent culinary proposal to give guests an unforgettable experience is a unique location.

Villa Chiringuito ensures breathtaking views, elegance in every detail, well-kept and classy environments, refined outdoor spaces and expert staff who will make every guest feel important in every moment of his stay.

In addition, Villa Chiringuito is equipped with furniture and decorations for a high-class perception.

Everything is perfect, and has long been renowned throughout the city.

villa chiringuito reggio calabria

Most of the restaurants are beautifully decorated and the atmosphere is usually an attractive factor, but we have that extra something that makes all the difference.

So, Villa Chiringuito is an absolute advantage over everything else when you think about how you can throw a fantastic party that will remain indelible for your entire life.

However, you may want to add some special touches to make your ceremony tailor-made for you.

Our staff will always be at your complete disposal to sew every aspect of your reception on you.

Our location makes the difference, but the people who work there give that extra touch that makes our proposal different from all the others.

We are waiting for you at Villa Chiringuito

Although it may seem easy to book Villa Chiringuito for your wedding in Reggio Calabria, there are some seasons in which haste is your best ally.

For example, the spring and summer months are very popular with married couples.

Therefore, we recommend that you visit us even a year before the wedding so as not to have problems with your booking.

Our staff will meet your needs for planning your wedding exactly as you wish.

wedding at villa chiringuito

But do you really want to know what our best advertisement is?

It is that of the hundreds of couples who have chosen us for the most important day of their lives and who, over the years, have been the best sponsors for Villa Chiringuito.

And this can only happen when professional service, a wonderful location and top quality food are combined.

What happens at Villa Chiringuito.

With all these details taken care of down to the last detail, nothing can go wrong.

Villa Chiringuito Staff

Where can I celebrate my wedding in Reggio Calabria?

The best place to celebrate your wedding in Reggio Calabria is Villa Chiringuito.

Why is villa Chiringuito so renowned?

Villa Chiringuito ensures breathtaking views, elegance in every detail, refined and classy environments, refined outdoor spaces and expert staff who will make every guest feel important in every moment of his stay.

What is the best time to celebrate your wedding at Villa Chiringuito?

Surely the spring and summer months are the best to fully enjoy the beautiful location of Villa Chiringuito. In this period there are many couples who rely on us. If you are planning your wedding, do not hesitate to contact us!

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